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    File Transfer across Cloud Drives
    Help you transfer files among multiple cloud storage services easily. For instance, move files from Dropbox to OneDrive.
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    Cloud File Manager
    Use MultCloud as if it were the Windows Explorer. It comes with all-in-one files management, including upload, download, cut, copy, paste, delete, share and so on.
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    Sync Files between Clouds
    Sync clouds with 8 different custom options. Scheduled cloud sync or cloud to cloud backup at a regular interval like daily, weekly or monthly.
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    When you have numerous "clouds" from different services have to spend a lot of time to move from site to site to gain access to the files. Service MultCloud can help in solving this problem. This is a free service that allows to access to all cloud data stores.The main advantage of this solution is the ability to manage files stored in cloud storage as if they were stored on the hard disk on your computer.
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    The service is like an online version of Windows Explorer, and provides access to multiple cloud storage services in one place. It eliminates the need to visit multiple websites or install several client apps to access all of your files. If you want to copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox, or from OneDrive to Amazon S3, or you just like the idea of browsing all of your accounts in a single browser tab, MultCloud lets you do it.

    Plans of MultCloud

    MultCloud has provided both Freeware and Premium plans for you. You can enjoy more privileges and functions with a low monthly and yearly fee.