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    File Transfer across Cloud Drives
    Help you transfer files among multiple cloud storage services easily. For instance, move files from Dropbox to OneDrive.
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    Cloud File Manager
    Use MultCloud as if it were the Windows Explorer. It comes with all-in-one files management, including upload, download, cut, copy, paste, delete, share and so on.
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    Combination of Cloud Space
    Every cloud drive provides a certain amount of free storage. MultCloud allows you to combine the free storage of multiple cloud drives and use together.
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    As an administration staff, I need to manage many files during my daily work. It is a tedious job to modify and share them with my coworker. But MultCloud helps a lot.
    Multcloud is a useful tool for cloud drive users. It is totally free for us to manage all of our cloud drives. With the help of this tool, I can copy my files from one cloud drive (DropBox for example) to another one (Google Drive) easily. In other words, I do not need to ...
    Media Reviews
    Bring all of your online storage services together in one interface using the Multcloud website. Many people have multiple cloud storage accounts - Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive - but managing them all separately can be a chore. Here's how to control your different services from a single interface using MultCloud.
    Choose appropriate edition to Manage Your Clouds
    There are freeware and Premium edition in MultCloud. You can enjoy more previleges and functions with a low monthly and yearly fee.
    Free Edition
    • Mulptile File Manager?
      let you move, delete, copy, upload and download files.
    • Cross-Cloud File Transfer
    • Unlimited Cloud Drive Quantity
    • 10TB Data Traffic ?
      You can transfer 10TB files across clouds with MultCloud for free.
    • General Speed to Batch File Transfers
    • Medium level technical support
    Premium Edition
    • Mulptile File Manager ?
      let you move, delete, copy, upload and download files.
    • Cross-Cloud File Transfer
    • Unlimited Cloud Drive Quantity
    • Unlimited Data Traffic
    • faster Speed to Batch File Transfers
    • Hight level technical support
    • File Transfer Filter?
      allow you to filter specific files such as *.mp3|photo*|*Excel*, etc.
    • Scheduled File Transfer?
      allow to set a fixed time point to move files and data.
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